Our Instructors

Nakamura Taizaburo, Hanshi, 10th Dan, Shodai Soke

Guy H. Power, Renshi, 7th Dan (retired)

Arthur Leung, 4th Dan (retired)

Jay Mijares, 4th Dan (retired)

John Mutschink, Renshi, 5th Dan

Our Classes

Our new location in The Woodlands/Magnolia, Texas is open. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:45-9:00 PM and Saturday mornings from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Additional open training sessions are available when possible for active members.

Training at Kenshinkan Dojo requires membership in the International Battodo Federation. Fees for the IBF are reasonable - and include a one-time registration fee of 3000 yen and annual dues of 3000 yen. Testing fees for the IBF are separate, and are generally reasonable, with fees increasing as rank level increases.

For Kenshinkan Dojo, fees are $50 per month. This includes scheduled classes and any open training sessions that may be available. This does not include any testing fees, seminar fees, equipment costs, or other fees or expenses related to training. Members of the External link opens in new tab or windowMagnolia Mugaikai may receive a discount of 50% on monthly fees if full monthly dues at Magnolia Mugaikai are current.

Affiliated IBF Dojos and Study Groups

The IBF has many dojos and study groups across the United States. This community welcomes new students and members of dojos train with other groups regularly. All IBF members are invited to events when held - regardless of the location. We are happy to connect you to the closest dojo or study group to your area.

Additionally, Kenshinkan Dojo joins training with two groups in California. The Bay Area study group in Northern California is led by Vivian Beebe-Sana, 3-Dan. Due to training location challenges, classes are held on a intermittent basis. The San Diego study group is led by Yoshi Satoh, 5-Dan, and meets regularly. For more information on either of these groups, please contact us at info@kenshinkan-battodo.org.