June 10-11, 2023: The US Federation of Battodo held a taikai in Englewood, NJ. Fifteen seminars were held on Saturday with senior instructors from a wide range of martial styles. The taikai was extremely well-run and highly recommended for anyone wishing to participate in future events.

The IBF was well-represented by dojos across the US. Always a pleasure to train with old friends and new.


April 28-30, 2023: A weekend of training was held in Lancaster, CA. David Drawdy sensei from Kenkonkai in Washington, D.C. led the training with attendees from multiple IBF dojos.

It's always a pleasure to train with people from different dojos and build the battodo community. Hope to see folks at the next one!


November 13, 2022: The International Battodo Federation held its annual taikai at Hiranuma Memorial Gymnasium in Yokohama, Japan.

Tex attended the training and taikai that week and was given his Renshi license after Shinsa at the Yokohama Budokan - a beautiful facility. Looking forward to 2023!


September 17, 2022: The IBF Branch founded by Dave Drawdy sensei, Kenkonkai, held a day of embu in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their founding.

Practitioners of a number of styles demonstrated their arts. Tex from Kenshinkan joined for the battodo and Mugai Ryu embu. A wonderful day for the budo community.


August 28, 2022: Kenshinkan members attended a Battodo and Iaido Taikai held in San Diego. Nomura Sensei attended and held seminars in Nakamura Ryu and Mugai Ryu. Excellent event.


Congrats to Brian - at his first taikai took third in Shodan and below Shizan, as well as third in Dantaisen with Louis M. and John M. We look forward to the IBF Taikai in Japan in November. Hope to see you there.


June 28, 2022: We have some big news to share regarding Kenshinkan Dojo. First, Power Sensei has made John M. (Tex) the 4th dojo-cho (following Power Sensei, Arthur Leung and Jay Mijares), and he will be taking over Kenshinkan Dojo with Power Sensei’s blessing and support.

As you may know, Tex has returned to Texas full-time in March. We are excited to announce he has closed on a location and is building out a training space/dojo in Texas - near The Woodlands & Magnolia.

After consultation with Power Sensei, it has been decided to move Kenshinkan Dojo’s primary training/HQ to Tex’s new location. Power Sensei has transferred the dojo’s treasures to Tex’s stewardship for use at the new site. We hope to have the new location up and running in 2023 and will keep you updated.

We will continue to have a study group in the Bay Area for our long term students and any new students interested in battodo. Vivian will lead the study group with Tex visiting to teach. Due to Covid and changes at Moffett Field, we have lost the use of our long-time training space, and currently are exploring options for future training space. This can be quite a challenge cost-wise in Silicon Valley. In the interim, we continue to meet in backyards as time/space permit.

We look forward to this next chapter for Kenshinkan Dojo and hope to see you at our new location when it is complete!


August, 2020: Power Sensei participated in an interview and shared his iaido journey. Worth a read.