The International Battodo Federation Taikai will be held November 10, 2024 at the Yokohama City Tsurumi Sports Center. Pre-event training and social events are scheduled from November 6 - 9. A contingent of Kenshinkan students is making plans to attend this year. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us in Japan for the Taikai.



March 31, 2024: Battodo Fudokan held an International Battodo Federation Taikai in London. Three members of Kenshinkan Dojo attended the Taikai and two days of excellent training - including a detailed seminar on the yari/sword set of kumitachi. Excellent event! We look forward to seeing everyone at the IBF Taikai in Japan in November. A brief photo gallery can be found HERE.


January 13, 2024: Kenshinkan Dojo held an opening event and embu. Over 30 people attended the event. For a summary of the event and a photo gallery, please click HERE.


October 27, 2023: The 2023 IBF Taikai was held on October 22, 2023. Members of Kenshinkan Dojo participated. Congratulations to all the competitors and to the IBF for a very successful event. See the photo gallery here.


March 2020: Power Sensei attended the International Battodo Federation taikai in Lancaster, CA on March 14, 2020. L to R: Sato Seiji Sensei, Guy Power Sensei, and Derek Morris (taikai host). As the video below attests, Power Sensei still has it!